We bring light
where there is not

About us

Aurora Lighting Towers is a brand by Green Power Systems: After a 20 years’ experience in manufacturingof generating sets and after achieving a representativeness degree in over 126 nations, Green Power Systems decided to invest its know how to realize a specific line of products for the mobile lighting solutions.

What WE DO

We bring light where there is not.
We make lighting towers suitable to any kind of need.


By respecting the environment first, both in the production steps (granted by ISO 14001) and by manufacturing products with low air and noise pollution.

By enhancing to the quality of our products (ISO 9001) using the most advanced software for the design and processing of raw material.

By giving the customer specific support throughout the whole sales process, from the purchase to the after sales service.


All activities are performed in Italy. Starting from the initial project, the production circle, shipment and after sales.
The whole production chain is rigorously Made in Italy.


A wide range suitable to satisfy all needs and guarantee the best performance in all climatic conditions. Low-emission engines, hybrid and battery-powered models allow a low environmental impact. Plug-in models to be powered by the mains or by a generator, with the possibility of being connected in series. Light sensor to turn on the floodlights automatically. Special attention was paid to safety with mast locking systems and Amoss kit. Latest generation LED floo- dlights, also lamps with dimmers, with an high degree of protection IP67 and a lifetime up to 85,000 hours.

The Aurora Lighting Towers are strong, reliable, handy and compact, they are easy to move, practical to install and easy to use.

They guarantee savings in operating costs and a long time of autonomy.